Video Review: Dua Lipa & Angèle “Fever”

Dua Lipa runs out of the bar at night in London, England, calling out “taxi!” She asks him, “Hi, can we please get in?” He nods and she says, “thank you.” While she sits in the backseat, Angèle asks her, “what? Are you going home now?” Let’s walk a bit.” Lipa says, “really?” She closes the door and says, “sorry!”

They walk on in the street. Lipa walks across the street while Angèle dances and jumps. They stand in line at a diner and choose what they want to order. The food service worker places a tray of hamburgers on the hamburger for the thirtysomething woman ahead of them. Lipa pours ketchup on her fries and eats them as they sit at a table. Angèle side-eyes the people dancing out of their seats. As they continue to walk, Angèle laughs while Lipa throws her head back as she hangs onto the street pole.

Royal blue light shines in their faces as two police officers slow down to watch them. Lipa tries to make a call on her cell phone. They run by graffitied walls and stand by the streetlights. Angèle asks her, “So how’s Dexter?” Lipa says, “well, Dexter had to stay in America because first, my boyfriend had to work and second of all, Dexter had to get his balls cut off. I don’t know how say it in French, but neutered.” Angèle teaches her the word for neutered.

Lipa shadowboxes and sticks out her tongue at a security camera. A fortysomething woman, wearing a robe and curlers, watches them dance on the sidewalk from her screen door. They hide in the bushes and walk upstairs of an apartment building. As they sing with their friends down the hallway, a second thirtysomething woman yells, “who the hell are you? Shut the fuck up!” One of their friends turns her head from the computer to watch them dance. A second friend smokes a cigar.

Lipa waits for Angèle by the lockers. She leaves the bathroom and puts her arm around Lipa. They sing as they walk. A butcher comments, “I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning” as she cuts as Lipa glances at the diner.

Rating: 5/5

Dua Lipa washes her face in Angèle’s bathroom. Lipa kisses her on the cheek and says she’s going home. Angèle gives her a key and says she can come over whenever. Lipa pets Angèle’s dog and says they’ll have play dates. Angèle kisses her on the cheek and tells her to be safe. She hands her a mask and says to text her once she gets home.

Lipa texts her and says she’s okay. Angèle was like a sister to her. She was planning to study in France for a year and needed to learn the language. A friend of a friend had told her to contact Angèle. Angèle had set up tutoring sessions while they hung out. Sometimes she played music and they watched films. She had Lipa repeat common phrases. Her parents had invited Lipa to stay with them and offered to be her host family.

Angèle dances in the kitchen. She receives her text from Lipa and tells her to get some rest. She didn’t like to sleep, though. A nap usually lasted about 15 at most. She had to be up, doing something. As she puts her scrambled eggs on her plate, she walks to the picnic table and watches people as they pass by. She reads the newspaper and sees the organizers set up for a festival. She texts Lipa to see if she wanted to go. However, she had tickets to a concert for later on. She could miss the opening act. However, she could be missing out seeing a future star. There is too much in life to experience.

Director: WAFLA Year: 2020

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