Video Review: Jack Harlow “Tyler Herro”

A school bus drops off a 10-year-old boy. The bus driver, “hey man, I used to be just like you, kid. Curls, dreds,” HE watches as the boy runs off and says, “I gotta be somewhere later, anyway.” He closes the door the bus and drives away. Jack Harlow, wearing a Gucci sweatshirt, steps out of the limousine  A security guard holds back his fans as they reach to touch him. He walks into a studio.

Against a ocean blue background, a stylist helps him take off his jacket and puts a different one on him. A second stylist brushes his face and touches his neck. Stenciled against the background is Thotboy while four young men stand, wearing silver suits and pants. On the side, a message reads: “The Return of Boy Bands?” The same four men stand in his backyard. Several young women clink champagne glasses as they sit at a picnic table. He plays basketball with one of his friends.

Harlow sits on a bed as two young women pillow fight behind him. Wearing a New Balance outfit, he stands against a chestnut brown background with several young men, wearing the brand’s sweatshirts. He stands against the ocean blue background with the four young men in silver suits and pants.

The 10-year-old raps along Harlow as he watches television. Harlow’s cereal sits on his dresser as well as a figurine. His friend spins the basketball on his finger. He continues to sink a three-pointer.

Rating: 2/5

Jack Harlow approves his new figurine and says he wants to sell toothbrushes as part of his merchandise. He figures everyone has to have it and it just makes sense. The record company says they’ll have to look into it. He tells them he’s willing to branch out with his brands and do commercials. He wants to be everywhere.

His friends, most of who knew from school, shake his hand at the party. They ask him if any of his famous friends are coming to the party. He tells them they weren’t able to make it. His friends nod as they holds their plastic cups. A young woman sits on his lap. She says she always they knew they’d be friends. He smirks and says they can be more than that.

Boxes from New Balance arrive on his doorstep. It wasn’t Nike or Converse. But it was free. He puts on a t-shirt and a pair of shoes. On his social media, he posts a selfie and captioning it with how much he loves New Balance. He slinks in the backseat of the car and peers over his shoulder for paparazzi. He tells the driver to speed up. The same car had been behind them for about a mile or so. It was probably a photographer. While he walks into the studio, tells his fans he loves them but he has to work. He says they’ll have plenty of time to spend together at his concerts. He urges them to visit his website and walks inside. Eyeing the clothes rack, he grabs some Gucci shirts and puts them in his duffel bag.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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