Video Review: Mary J. Blige & Greg Nice “You Remind Me”

Several young women dance in silhouette against a cobalt background. A group of young women dance in shorts and jerseys. Wearing a silver crop top and pants, Mary J. Blige dances with a group of people against a cobalt background with a staircase.

In black-and-white, a twentysomething man swings on a bar on a building. Blige hugs a friend and talks with her as they walk on the sidewalk. He dunks a basketball while he plays on the court. Back in color, she dances by the staircase. In black-and-white, she stares at the young man as they pass by the court. She sits by the fence and watches him as he dribbles the ball.

Back in color, Greg Nice sits on a chair against the cobalt background. He dances between the spaces of the jagged floor mirror. Wearing her jersey and shorts, she continues to dance with the group of people.

Rating: 3/5

A familiar shout causes Mary J. Blige to turn her head and look at the basketball court. The young man pumps his arms. She says she may know him. However, she can’t place his name. Her friends says they don’t know who he is. Blige says she thinks she may have gone to elementary school with him.

Back in elementary school, a boy in her class taught her how to play basketball. They played every recess together. During class, they talked about games they watched the night before. Midway through the year, he moved away and they never talked again. While in school and up until senior year, she held onto hope he’d come back and visit.

She excuses herself from her friends and watches as he plays. Sometimes, she thinks she may have seen in the grocery store or at work. However, she knows it’s him this time. She doubts he remembers her, though. One of his friends asks if she wants some water. She shakes her head. It was her chance to ask. She could finally know. However, she wanted to believe it was him. She stands up and brushes off her pants. Her friends were probably wondering where she was.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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