Video Review: Boy Meets Girl “Oh Girl”

A young woman covers her mouth while she looks at the thirtysomething man standing by the car door. George and several young men walk towards their cars in a driveway. He watches Shannon get inside the car with the young woman. She rolls down the window and looks at him.

He and several young men walk into a mansion. While a second friend sips his drink, he talks with a second thirtysomething man.  He and his second friend stare at Shannon as she walks into the home. Lit in pacific blue, he and Shannon walk by some lights. George sits on a couch while Shannon talks with a third young man. Shannon sees him talk with a blond-haired twentysomething woman. A couple dances by the staircase.

He pushes and shoves his friend in the family room. A second young woman puts her hand on her heart as she sits in a chair and smokes a cigarette. He speeds off in his car and stops at the cliff of a mountain. Taking off his sunglasses, he stands on the cliff and watches the ocean.

The blonde-haired woman walks on the beach with his second friend. The blonde-haired woman stands in the ocean. He sees as she fades away. Hands in his pocket, he walks on the beach. He stares at the ground while standing by his car. Turning his head, he sees someone.

Rating: 3/5

If it was going to end, it’ll be on the mountain. However, George braked on the pedal, skidding his tires and took a deep breath. He had known his second friend since middle school. His second friend got him the job. Between the two of them, they had dated the same young women. However, the blonde-haired woman seemed to prefer him. He had brushed it off. But his second friend accused him of trying to steal him away from her. His second friend wouldn’t believe he was in love with anyone else.

The group of people at the party had gasped. His eyes scanned the corners for Shannon. Shannon couldn’t have known he was talking about her. They had talked at a dinner party earlier in the month. Shannon, though, was involved with one of his acquaintances, who was on the board of several companies. It was in his best interest to love her from afar. A scandal over her would reach the papers.

Shannon walks to him and tells him she’s talked to his second friend. She says his acquaintance is willing to hire him. He says he can’t accept it. Shannon puts his hand on his shoulder and says his acquaintance cheats on her. Her friends have been discussing who they think it is. However, she tells him the blonde-haired young woman was looking for trouble. He asks her if she’d like to take a walk. She says it’s a beautiful evening and she’d like to enjoy it with him.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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