Video Review: Pop Smoke & Lil Tjay “Mood Swings”

La La tells her best friend, as they sit in her car, “it’s so fucked up! I don’t deserve this shit.” Her best friend says, “I don’t understand why you keep hanging out with him, La La. I’m just over it.” Hands in her hair, she leans forward and says, “but I love him!” Her best friend retorts, “Well, I can’t keep coming to save you every time this happens.” La La pouts and types on her phone. Her best friend asks, “are you texting him?” La La says, “I gotta go. Please take me back.” Her best friend says. “are you serious?” and heaves a sigh.

La La touches the necklace around shirtless Lil Tjay’s neck and puts her arms around his neck. Lit in electric blue, she pushes him in the hallway. Pop Smoke smiles in a photo within a electric blue flame. Tjay’s touches her thigh and kisses her neck as they sit on the couch. Grinning, she pushes him off her and walks away. He walks into his closet filled with shoes and clothes from Fashion Nova. He chooses a jacket.

A shirtless Tjay puts his hand on La La’s nearly bare butt as they stand on the balcony. She leans against the balcony. He hands her a silver metal rose as a fire burns in the fireplace in the family room. They make out on the couch. Wearing a shirt and jeans, he stands on the balcony at night. A Fashion Nova bag sits by the fireplace. She puts her arms around him and rests her head by his neck as they stand on the balcony. Wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, he follows her as she walks out of the house. She gets into her best friend’s car.

Rating: 2/5

La La dabs Lil Tjay’s face in the bathroom. She says she was just upset and didn’t mean to slap him. He says it’s going to leave a scar. She kisses it and says, “all better.” He squeezes her hand and holds up her wrist. His fingers were marked in red. She says it’ll go away. He says he has some gloves in the closet. She puts on the sequined gloves and kisses him.

Her best friend takes her wrist. She says she wants to see the glove. La La says it’s delicate material. Her best friend tells her it doesn’t match with her outfit. She pulls her arm back and says “no.” Her best friend says she knows they have volatile relationship. But she can’t leave his house with mysterious bruises and scars. La La says they have a rough sexual relationship and it’s no big deal.

La La shouts at Tjay that she wants nothing to do with him. She calls him a lowlife and texts her best friend. Her best friend says she cares but she has to find someone else. La La says she’s a bitch in a text and throws her phone on the floor, breaking it. Tjay raises his hand and says he’s wrong. They can talk it out. La La says doesn’t care and sits on the couch. He rubs her shoulders and says he can take her home. She moans and says she’ll stay.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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