Video Review: Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”

Taboo flips through a collage of photos on a HP Touchsmart. He chooses a picture with a red square with a tan mushroom in the center. Several small white squares burst onto the screen. sings against a black background. An olive-green face sings along against its own blackground. A geometric face folds its eyes and mouth inside and out.

Fergie, Taboo and sing separately against the black background. The three geometric faces continue to open and close. A mushroom cloud, nuclear barrel, gun and a grenade appear in the center. Several dancers, with black stripes on their bodies, blend into against the candle apple red background. The dancers put headphones over the grenade. They add a swing to the mushroom cloud, turning it into a tree.

Against the black background, Taboo draws a red square around himself. He sorts through the various images on the screen. stands in the center as the dancers analyze his body. Against the candy apple red background, a dancer edits the nuclear barrel with a stick figure holding drumsticks. The gun is rearranged to be a trumpet.

They each dance with the dancers against the black background. stomps against the black background while rusted squares with lines switch around the screen. They stand together, their bodies coated in glitter, as they move and twitch. They become bytes and form the “The E.N.D.”

Rating: 5/5

Taboo cuts his skin and sees some disconnected one’s. He taps an alert and indicates to the user there was a problem. thinks they are in a prototype of a program. Fergie says she saw an outline of a home the other day. An enlarged head announces the program restart and advises them not to be alarmed.

As the computer restarts, Fergie watches the code race from the hard drive to the screen. The one’s and zero’s chatter, telling each other to move out of the way. Fergie rotates and grins. She was the most developed so far. It took about 5 months before she could move her body without crashing the computer. shakes his head as he flies an airplane. He shouts he can’t control it and presses “error.” The screen turns white. wipes his forehead. It was too close. Fergie drives her car and admires the skyscrapers. People were walking to work. They were silhouettes. She taps one on the shoulder and asks for directions. The silhouette of a young man points to the right. She gets back in her car and continues to drive. People were going to be existing soon. There were going to be talk about her day. She walks up to the office building and knocks on the door. They had to be hiring. She slips her application underneath. Things moved really fast and she was tired of running around loops on a race track. She’d already won the championship three times.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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