Video Review: Little Big Town “Wine, Beer, Whiskey”

A thirtysomething man, wearing a sombrero, plays the trombone in a motel room. A twentysomething man, the owner, hits the door. Several thirtysomething men, holding their instruments, side-eye him as he shushes them. Jimi, Karen, Phillip and Kimberely dance in the parking lot at night.  A muscled men lifts weights as he glares at the owner ordering the thirtysomething men to leave. The owner’s jaw drops as muscled men folds his arms against his chest while two thirtysomething men stand next to him and smile.

The two thirtysomething men nod at a clown, painted in white, as he drinks on his bed. A horse sniffs the floor. An 8-year-old plays with a toy version of the clown and sees the real-life version walk past his window. He giggles as he watches the clown dancing. He follows the clown. The owner sees the horse and closes the door. A thirtysomething woman, her hair in curlers, sits up in bed and drinks. The two thirtysomething men play trombone with Jimi, Phillip, Kimberley and Karen perform.

The 8-year-old boy’s jaw drops as he sees a twentysomething, wearing a sequined bra top and pants. The owner stares at her while she blows him a kiss. The thirtysomething woman takes the 8-year-old boy by the arm. She raises her drink to the the two thirtysomething men. The people in the motel dance with the group in the parking lot. Someone hangs a piñata. A fortysomething man, with a cigar in his mouth, walks with a baseball bat over his shoulder. The owner covers his face and then takes the baseball bat. He hits the piñata. The muscled man breaks the piñata and the people pick the candy off the ground. They dance and drink.

Rating: 2/5

The twentysomething woman practices the choreography for a show in Las Vegas, Nevada. She stubs her toe as she stumbles on the carpet. She pours herself another glass. The routine was from two years ago. She hadn’t been in a show in forever, though. However, she loved the costume and wore it to the grocery store sometimes. Usually, people asked her what was like working in the shows. She explains the glamour and leaves out the part where she was fired. Let people think what they want. She’ll always be a showgirl.

The muscled man snarls as he lifts weights. He knows he can beat the Guinness record. The mariachi band was distracting him from his thirst for a margarita. Although it wasn’t healthy for him, he liked to indulge every once in awhile. He breaks open the door as the owner bawls out the thirtysomething men for being too loud. The owner backed down. The muscled men says they aren’t disturbing him and providing him a pleasant experience. Taking out his phone, he opens the motel’s review page and gives it one-star. He shows it to the owner. The owner gets on his knees and pleads for him to make it up to him. The muscled men says the mariachi band stays. The owner stands up and says it’s done.

A clown, in white makeup and wearing a robe, waves at him. The owner jumps. The clown takes his hands and they dance in a circle. The owner glances at his office. The clown shakes his hand and asks about the nearest bar. The owner points to the side of the road and gives him directions. The clown pats his shoulder and says he’s a good man. The owner walks back to his office and searches the clown’s name in a search engine.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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