Video Review: Jane Wiedlin “Rush Hour”

Wearing a wetsuit, Jane Wiedlin jumps in the air. A dolphin swims in the ocean. Three dolphins rise to the surface and jump. She swims alongside them. Against an aqua background, she hugs herself as she dances and plays the guitar.

She smiles as she hangs onto the dolphin in the ocean. Winking, she continues to play the guitar. Water splashes her as she turns. She hugs the dolphin and gives it a kiss. They pass by her and she pets them. She treads water. A dolphin nudges her.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jane Wiedlin blows a kiss to the dolphins and says she’ll miss them. She towels off her hair and tells her boyfriend it was a wonderful anniversary gift. They kiss. She says she wants to take one home with her. Her boyfriend grins at her and jokes she’s looking for an excuse to buy a pool. Putting her finger to her chin, she smiles at him. He tells her not to get any ideas.

Swimming with the dolphins had been her dream. She’d thought she would have to do it herself. Her boyfriend despised the water. However, he had surprised her with a cruise and a day trip with dolphins. As they stand at the counter, he says he likes the picture of her hugging the dolphin best. She says she’ll buy it and hands the clerk her credit card. He says they’ll get the entire book and orders it for her. She tells him it’s too much. He says she’s been waiting for years. A single photo isn’t going to capture the memory.

She lies on the lounge chair by the pool on the cruise ship. The server asks her if she’d like another drink. She says she’s okay for now. Turning her head, she sees her boyfriend reading. She nudges his leg with her foot. He puts his sunglasses on his head. She says she needs a break from the sun. He gets up and they walk to their cabin.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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