Video Review: KSI, Craig David & Digital Farm Animals “Really Love”

Snow falls on the mountain as Craig David sings on the cliff. KSI climbs up the mountain. He drops his rope and stands on the side. He belly flops into the foam of a glass of beer. While he drinks from the glass of beer, he talks with a young woman inside a cabin. The young woman holds a glass of ice. David dances within the ice cube.

David rides a snowmobile through the mountains. Digital Farm Animals dance inside an ice cube. David stands outside the cabin with two Husky dogs on leashes. KSI pets the dogs as he sits in the sled. One of the dogs licks his face. Against a green screen background, he walks to a wooden swing. It changes to wrecking ball. KSI chips away at the ice with his icepick. He stands within the icicle.

Digital Farm Animals mans the DJ booth in the cabin. KSI, David, and his friends dance with drinks in their hands. KSI breathes onto the icicle and wipes his name off with his hand. David hugs KSI as they hang out in the cabin. KSI and David dance in the ice cube. David and the group of the people raise their glasses. KSI breaks the icicle with his icepick.

Rating: 3/5

Craig David claps his hands and tells the dogs it’s time to eat. They run inside. KSI exclaims, “whoa!” He pets them as they head for the kitchen. The young woman says she’s got the bowls. KSI says he’s glad he was able to make it. David says he wouldn’t miss it. KSI says they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. David guesses it may have been about two years ago. KSI says it’s been a bit longer. David says, “really?” as he feeds the dogs their treats.

KSI tells his dogs to halt. They pause in the snow. One dog sits down. They were exhausted. Although they loved it, they tend to drive themselves harder. He turns the sled around and says they are going to rest for a few minutes. He gets some water for them and watches them as they drink. After 10 minutes, he says they are going home.

David talks with a second young woman at the party. The second young woman gives him a hug and says she’s so excited to see him. David says it’s good to see her. She says she was just remembering when they first went skiing together. David grins and says she fell several times. However, he kissed her. She says they were such a dramatic couple. He says they had some fun times. She says they were and tells him they’ll talk later. David waves to her. KSI smiles at him. David sips his drink and shakes his head. They were reminiscing and were friends now.

Director: Roscoe Year: 2020

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