Video Review: Bad Bunny & Jhay Cortez “Dákiti”

A boat sails on the ocean. A young woman climbs the ladder and leans against the railing. She tilts her head back as the breeze hits her hair. Two young women ride ski-doos. Against a lavender sky, Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez play the turntables and sing into the microphone inside a clear box on the beach.

Some young women greet each other and dance on the beach. People dance by the bonfire. A second young woman jumps into the water. Cortez shakes his head as he stands in a teal hallway. A second of version of himself stands by the wall as the lights flash. Bad Bunny stands behind him.

Cortez lies on the sand at night and sits up. He watches the young women dance. A third young woman kisses his cheek. In silhouette, two young women ride the ski-doo at night. A fourth young woman, wearing a white outfit with cut-outs dives into the water. A red haze covers the wall as Bad Bunny levitates in the hallway. Bad Bunny and Cortez ride personal submarines in the ocean.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young woman swims in the water while the boat docks for lunch. She holds her hair in a ponytail and squeezes it, draining the water. As she treads water, she sees Jhay Cortez setting up for the bonfire. She continues to swim as she listens to Bad Bunny test the microphone. Returning to shore, she asks if they want anything to drink. Bad Bunny says he’s okay. She taps the vinyl album on the table and says she has it at home. Bad Bunny grins and says he brings it everywhere he goes. He tells her he’ll play a track for her.

A second young woman kisses Cortez. She says she adores him and so glad her best friend hired him for their party. Her best friend takes her by the arm and she tells Cortez she loves him. She tells her best friend she doesn’t feel good and vomits by a palm tree. Her best friend glances at the dazed crowd of their friends. A picture of it couldn’t get out. The second young woman collapses.

Bad Bunny tries to revive a third young woman. Jhay Cortez calls for help. Bunny says they have to leave and return to the boat. While the group of young women think of a story, they find their submarines in the boat. Something had happened. They did the right thing. Bad Bunny suspects one of the young women drugged the drink. Several people were passed out on the sand. Cortez says they’ll be back on land in an hour.

Director: Stillz Year: 2020

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