Video Review: Enigma “Age of Loneliness”

A helicopter flies over a bridge in a sepia filtered New York City, New York. A group of people wait at the crosswalk. An oversized baby flies over the people as they cross the street. An oversized thirtysomething cleans the top of a building. Sweat drips on a shirtless twentysomething man while he stands on the sidewalk.

A theater marquee reads: “Welcome to Times Square.” A taxi and van drive on the road. A twentysomething woman flies over the expressway. A second twentysomething woman hugs herself as she floats over the platform on the subway. A 16-year-old girl dangles her feet by a grave in a cemetery. A third twentysomething woman stands in a parking lot.

A young man and woman embrace as they float near an apartment building. A 15-year-old young woman spins in the air as a thirtysomething man passes by her on the sidewalk. A second thirtysomething closes her eyes as she looks up at the sky.  A second twentysomething man listens to headphones and carries a bouquet of roses as he crosses the street. The oversized baby floats by the pay telephone. A third twentysomething man somersaults in the air by the theatre. People talk as they walk by Howard Johnson. Cars drive by the theatre.

Rating: 3.5/5

The second twentysomething woman smiles at a young man around her age as she stands on the platform. The young man glares at her. She says to the fortysomething woman next to her that the train is always late. The fortysomething woman shrugs and says it what it is. She continues to say she should know better. However, the fortysomething woman turns her head.

The 16-year-old young woman places a rose on her mother’s grave. She tells her mom about her first crush and she said hello to at him school. In her mind, she can hears her mom answer her and tell her they’ll have a conversation and keep trying. She says she can’t really talk about her brothers or dad about it. They would freak out.

The second twentysomething man carries the bouquet as he walks up the stairs of the apartment building. A third twentysomething man bumps into him and he calls out “hey.” He checks the stairs to see if any roses had fallen. A few were crooked. He straightens them out. A petal drops on the ground and he sighs. It had to be perfect. He unlocks the door and searches for her. On the table, a note reads, “work outing tonight. Forgot to tell you! Will make it up to you.” He puts the bouquet down and finds a vase. They needed to be in water right away.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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