Video Review: Ashnikko “Daisy”

A bust of Ashnikko turns among the icicles. Royal blue lines split her face apart. She stands on two ice cube towers against a royal blue background. She stretches her leg onto another ice cube tower. Wearing a bumblebee outfit, she sits on top of a flower. She looks through an ice cube, magnifying her head. As a bumblebee, she swims in a pool of black water. She watches the smaller bumblebees fly by her.

Wearing a bubblegum pink outfit, she sits on top of a cell phone. She stomps her foot inside an ice cube. As a bumblebee, she dances inside a perfume bottle. Wearing a devil’s outfit, she holds chili pepper in her fingers and eats it. She rides a giant chili pepper. Her face appears on the clear bottles on a table. While she dangles her legs on the ice cube, she knocks over two towers.

Videos of her play behind her while she dances on a tongue. Her face turns red and ears steam as she swallows the chili pepper. Her eyes black and hands on her hips, she shoots chili peppers out of her mouth. A second version of herself rides the chili pepper against the black background.

Rating: 1/5

Ashnikko twirls her tail as she sits on the flower. A little girl touches the petal and she pricks her. The little girl cries and Ashnikko smirks. The little girl had to learn not everything was hers. However, she was destined to ride a chili pepper back to hell. It was humiliating. Satan could be charmed, though. But he warned her he had developed her tricks.

The chili pepper picks her up. Some people try to grab for it as she steers. It happened every single time. She transforms herself into a bumblebee. A person swipes her at her and she aims the chili pepper for their arm. The person runs. The chili pepper chugs and grunts at it heads downwards. A maintenance man watches her nosedive into the tunnel. He remarks, “cute outfit” and that it took her long enough. She has to go in for service. They say they’ll get to it when they can. She shakes her head. There goes a month, she hopes. It could take as long as six months.

She changes into her blue wetsuit and shivers as she’s placed on her ice cubes. A tower of cubes crashes by her and she covers her head. She calls out for help. Satan flies down and heats some of the cubes. The water pours on her and she curls up in a ball.

Director: Charlotte Rutherford Year: 2020

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