Video Review: Natural Selection “Do Anything”

In black-and-white, Frederick leans against his chair and yawns. Elliot points while he stands by his chair in the back. A young woman, wearing a black bra top and pants. dances against the white background. A second young woman, wearing a silver tinsel wig and neon pink leather outfit, sits on the floor against the white background. A third young woman dances by a television against a red background.

The second young talks on the phone as she sits on the floor. Frederick dances against the white background. Frederick smirks as he continues to lean against his chair while it changes to color. Frederick plays the keyboard while Elliot sings against a sunrise backdrop. A lipstick kiss floats onto the white background as Elliot continues to dance. Frederick dances by some golden lines.

Several chickens cluck at the television on the grass. One chicken thinks, “yup!” A second chicken thinks, “don’t believe the hype!” A fourth young woman, wearing a black top and boy shorts, dances against a matching background. A second version of herself dances behind her in black-and-white. Elliot, coated in cobalt blue, dances against the white background.

A cobalt blue Elliot sits with a matching fifth young woman inside a bathtub against a white background. Elliot dances by a hand drawn train and tower. Against the cobalt background, Elliott throws a white balloon. A sixth young woman thumbs her nose at the one of the women while she stands by the director. A young man plays with a toy cow over the trees while the chickens watch the television.

Rating: 2.5/5

Frederick puts his finger on his temple and nods as Elliot continues to talk about the second young woman. Elliot sees Frederick doze off and taps him on the shoulder. He tells him he’ll shut up now. Frederick explains there are plenty of women and not get hung up on just one.

The second young, wearing a leopard print catsuit, greets him backstage at the concert. She kisses him and says they have so much to talk about. Elliot tells her they can catch up. Frederick puts his arm around her and says, “let me steal her first.” The second young woman giggles.

The fifth young woman laughs and puts a bubble on Elliot’s nose. Elliot wipes it away and says he’s going to get her. He tickles her and she says she has to take a breath. Elliot says he has a present for her. She says he spoils her. He hands it to her and says she deserves it. Her jaw drops as she opens it and says the necklace is beautiful. She says she’ll cherish it forever. He says he loves her. She kisses him and says she loves him, too.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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