Video Review: The Kid Laroi “So Done”

His head down, The Kid Laroi listens as the young woman yells at him while they sit at a table at the restaurant. He lifts his head up as she gets off and walks out the door. As he walks on the sidewalk in his neighborhood, he sees her making out with a young man.

He lies on a patchwork pattern floor, which matches his sweater and khaki pants. A sprinkler sprays water on him as he lies on the grass by the young woman’s bedroom window. In her bedroom, she sleeps with the young man.  He leaves and walks to a taxi. The window open, he talks into the radio as he drives through the neighborhood.

He buys an ticket at the airport and sits in the plane. Glancing over at the seat behind him, he sees the young woman and man making out. He turns to talk to them and leaves. While he walks, he sees the plane in the air. The plane nosedives and crashes. A message reads on the screen: “Sometimes heartbreak can save your life.” He sits at the table at the restaurant.

Rating: 2.5/5

A 16-year-old young man says to The Kid Laroi pats his arm and says he’s available if he wants to talk. He exclaims they could’ve lost him, too. The Kid Laroi couldn’t retell the story again. He had wanted to get away from the young woman and her new boyfriend. The young woman accused him of following them and being jealous on the airplane. He says it was plan to go to Spain and she took away all his dreams. But he can’t handle being around them anymore.

A few hours later, he had read online the airplane had crashed. There had been no survivors. He couldn’t even believe it. However, he still cared about her. He had a placed a rose by her framed photo. One of her best friends had taken him aside and hugged him. She told him the young woman missed him and knew she had made a mistake. It hadn’t made him feel any better.

The Kid Laroi talks about her at the memorial. Her parents appreciated the kind words. He says there were no hard feelings. They had a long history between them. He sits at the restaurant and orders her favorite meal. Sometimes, he had teased her for eating grilled cheese sandwiches. The server tells him she’s sorry for his loss and says the meal is on them. He puts the fries in the foam container and stares at her side of the table as he leaves. It’ll always be their table.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2020

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