Video Review: Boy Krazy “Good Times With Bad Boys”

In black-and-white, Kimberly and Johnna talk as they walk to the boxing gym. Ruth Ann sits on a bench and touches her hair. Two young men spar in the ring. Several shirtless men check out Kimberly, Johnna, Josselyne, and Ruth Anne as they walk by.

Johnna and Josselyne talk at the lockers. Josselyne taps her arm and Johnna exclaims “ooh!” Johnna stands by the two men in the locker room. Wearing gloves, they dance in the locker room. One of the young men strokes Johnna’s arm and smiles. Josselyne talks to one of the young men at her locker. Some young men lift weights as they dance.

A young men whispers into Josselyne’s ear. Johnna carries her purse as she walks to the ring. They dance by themselves. Johnna smiles as she dances with one of the young men. They walk out of the gym. Kimberly walks back and winks.

Rating: 3/5

Johnna challenges the young man to spar with her. He says he can’t hit a woman. She asks him if he’s scared. He says no, but it was how he was taught. She says she promises not to knock him out. He puts his arm around her and says his coach will help her out.

As they spar, she hits him with a left hook. He winces and almost spits out his mouth guard. She punches him in the hips. He tickles her with his gloves. They giggle and kiss on the mat. She says they should probably go back to the locker room. She pulls up her workout outfit and walks with him.

Josselyne closes her eyes as the second young men kisses her neck. She says she really needs to work out. He puts his arms around her hips and says they can train together. She says okay and then sees Johnna walk in with the young man. He takes her hand and says they’ll go the ring. Ruth Anne touches some of the young men’s muscles as they lift weights. Kimberly kisses one of the young men and says it’s time for their one-on-one. Ruth Anne excuses herself to make a phone call.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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