Video Review: Trippie Redd “Weeeeee”

Trippie Redd lights a cigarette as he stands underneath a rainbow. A white crescent moon attaches itself to the rainbow. A second white crescent moon hooks itself to a staircase. As he walks on the grass, a white picture square frames him. Pink flowers bloom on the orange floor.

Lit in candy apple red, he walks past crescent moons and hot pink fireworks. He walks up the staircase. In a field, a geometric shape, similar to the state of Texas frames from trees. He raps by an arch sculpture.  A doll with stringy red hair dangles her feet as she sits on top a loose window. He sits on the staircase and a large triangle platform.

Lights flash as he walks on the grass. A second doll dances on the grass. His friends join him as they stand on the red turf. A car is parked off to the side. The doll with the stringy red hair rides a unicorn into the air as pieces of glitter fall by the mountains. They fly over the lake and rainbow.

Rating: 2/5

The doll asks for a song for Trippie Redd. Redd sings a song for her. She tells him she can’t find her unicorn. He says he’ll help her. Taking her hand, they walk along the grass. She says her unicorn is her best friend and points out the rainbow. She says the rainbow makes her so happy.

Redd indicates some hoof prints. The doll claps and calls out for the unicorn. She says he’s probably near by. Redd says they should a sing a song. As they sing, the unicorn peeks out from the tree. She runs and hugs him. As she gets on the unicorn, she waves goodbye.

Redd walks through another geometric shape and enters a basement. He talks with his friends. They tell him he has to go through the jagged Texas state shape. It was an alternate version of their hometown from the 1800s. They said the people were staring at them, wondering what was wrong with them. Redd jumps through the shape.

Director: Aidan Curry Year: 2020

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