Video Review: Meduza & Dermot Kennedy “Paradise”

A young man watches a thirtysomething man ride a horse on a ranch in the village of Craco in Italy. The young woman opens a letter in her kitchen and glances out the window. She stands by the shower. The young man touches the young man’s hand as they stand by the tree. He touches her hair.

They talk in the field and in a home. Shirtless, he sits up in bed. He rides on the motorcycle with her. They pass small fires burning on the grass near the road. Birds fly over Norman Tower on the hill. A second young man hugs the young woman. He stares at the young man. The young man steps back. They dance inside a hollowed out church.

A second young woman and third young man lean against the wall, touching their arms. The young man gives the second young man a pointed glance. He continues to dance with the young woman. The second young woman and third young man hold hands as they gaze at the art on the ceiling. The shirtless second young man touches his heart as he waits. The young woman and second young man kiss as they lean against the column. The young man looks around and walks up the stairs. He sees them together and shakes his head. He finds a bicycle in the field and rides home.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman had become another ghost, wandering around the lost village. The second young man, her ex-boyfriend, had pulled her back with some disapproving glances. It was what she knew. Although she didn’t feel much, it was simple.

The young man was out of her element. Her feelings for him scared her at times. However, knowing he cared had made it easier to fall for him. He was intelligent and kind. But she knew her friends would judge him based on his race. While with the second young man, he had told her it would cause her problems. She’d become an outcast.

The young man was talking with a third young woman at the market. He brushed away some of her hair and the third young woman smiled. They kissed. She wanted to run over there and tell her to get away. The young man asked her “what’s wrong” and turned to see the young man. He told her to forget it. She shakes the second young man’s hand off her shoulder and walks away. Raising her hands over hips, she feels her fingers fading.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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