Video Review: Neneh Cherry “Buddy X”

A young man calls out “what’s up?” as he stands with his group of friends by a building. A young woman curses at him. A second young woman says, “I’ll call your house….” A second young man rubs his nipples over his tank top. Neneh Cherry walks back and forth by her group of friends.

She gestures a chattering mouth with her hands. A third young woman bites into an apple and throws. A third young man catches it and eats it. Cherry points at the young man and dances with her friends. A second young man tosses a basketball. A young woman catches it and throws it back. It hits the second young man’s head. Cherry sweeps the pavement with a broom. She sings into the broom and throws it at the men. A fourth young man grabs it and breaks it over his knees.

A fourth young woman aims her towel at a fifth young man. The fifth young man exclaims, “hey!” as he catches it. Cherry takes off her head covering and shakes out her hair. She points at an invisible watch on her wrist and slides off her panties. The second young man sniffs and puts the panties around his neck. She and her friends laugh. Cherry asks for the second young man to give her back her panties. A fifth young man plays piano in a building.

Rating: 2/5

Neneh Cherry at least spoke her mind. Her friend tells her they did what they could. Cherry says she just wants the young man to acknowledge his mistakes and be a decent person. Their friend deserves better. Their friend says everyone is going to be talking about the confrontation. Cherry says let them. Their friend is going to be hurt.

Cherry’s best friend slams the door on her. Cherry asks her to please listen. Her best friend opens the door and says it wasn’t her place. As she walking in her driveway, two of her neighbors asked her if she was going to dump the young man yet. She says it was a private matter.

The young man kisses a third young woman on the cheek. Cherry crosses her arms and watches him. He was going to get away with it. It was shameless. Cherry curses at him and walks to her car. It didn’t really do anything. But it made her feel better for a few minutes.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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