Video Review: Philip Bailey & Phil Collins “Easy Lover”

An interviewer asks Phil Collins and Phillip Bailey a question on the set of their music video, “Easy Lover.” Collins answers “so we’re here to do a video. It’s kind of interesting. It’s making a video of making a video. There’s also things going on at the same time. It’s like a normal kind of program.”

Bailey flies in a helicopter and looks at London. Bailey and Collins perform on stage. Two paintings with ink squiggles hang on the wall behind them. The helicopter lands on the tarmac. The crew sets up the stage. Bailey greets the crew members. Collins walks in and Bailey gives him a hug. In black-and-white, they smile for pictures. Back in color, Collins reads the script as the stylist combs his hair. Bailey sits by him and Collins gives him a comb. Bailey brushes his hair.

They lip-sync to the playback. Bailey suggests they switch microphones as part of the routine. The director films them as they sit at booth in a diner. Bailey looks up from his newspaper and says “what?” They dance by their table. Collins brings two sequined togas. Bailey laughs. They put on their ties and fix the buttons on their jackets. They continue to sing on stage.

Rating: 5/5

Phil Collins steals a fry off Philip Bailey’s plate. Bailey puts the plate in the middle and Collins takes a couple more fries. Bailey reads aloud a headline in the newspaper and says he’s relieved the reporters investigated the situation. People needed to talk. Collins says he thinks it’s going to go national. Bailey nods and says it’s probably going in other cities, too. Collins tells him to get up. Bailey stands up. Collins shakes his hips. Bailey says it’s a good idea and they do a dance. The director and assistants clap for them.

Collins watches the dailies. He says he thinks his performance is all right. Bailey pats him on the shoulder and says he’ll give him a ride back on the helicopter. Collins says he doesn’t want to impose. Bailey tells him it’s on the way. Collins points to Big Ben and says he loves the view of the London from the air. He can actually see it. The view isn’t limited. Bailey says it’s why he can’t sleep on any transportation. He wants to see everything, even if it’s just from the expressway.

Collins and Bailey watch the video at the premiere party. Bailey says it turned out well. He’s pleased with it. Collins says it was a lot of fun and says they should go back to the diner again. Bailey covers his face with his hands and says he can’t believe they put in the dancing. Collins does the dance for the partygoers. The people clap. Bailey joins in and blows them a kiss.

Director: Jim Yukich Year: 1985

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