Video Review: Bell Biv Devoe “Poison”

A young woman writes Poison on the glass. Several young women stand by the brick building on the sidewalk at night. Two young men rub Ricky’s arms as he sings into the microphone in the studio. Ricky, Michael, Ronnie and several young men dance in the club. They stand by a graffitied wall with a few friends.

They dance with the young women standing by the building. Michael passes by some young men as he walks on the sidewalk. A young woman, wearing a teal dress, stands with Michael, Ricky and Ronnie by the door of a home. A young women, wearing a silver dress, shakes her hips by the elevator. The elevator door opens and Ricky reaches for her butt. Michael stops him. The young woman, wearing an aqua dress, talks with Michael on the fire escape. He touches her leg and walks away. Ricky talks to her as they walk on the sidewalk. Ricky, Ronnie and Michael dance on the street at night with their friends.

Security waves a metal detector at Ricky, Ronnie and Michael as they walk into the club. They dance with women and talk with their friends. A couple of young women watch as Ronnie, Ricky, and Michael play basketball on the court. Ronnie, Ricky and Michael continue to dance at the club. Ricky sits on top of the headboard of the net and drops the basketball in it. Ricky checks out a young woman’s cleavage at the bar. They dance at the club.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ricky slams the pay phone and curses at it. Michael asks, “what’s that about?” Ricky explains the young woman he was talking to cancelled on him. Ronnie says the woman, who wore the aqua dress, probably said something to her. Ricky throws up his hands and says it’s not right. Ronnie says the young women in the aqua dress wants to be the only person who matters. She’s the main one and the other young women know it. They are going to listen to her.

The young woman with the aqua dress had been with all three of them at some point. All of them, including the young women, knew it wasn’t love. However, the young woman was sabotaging their efforts to be with anyone else. She was friendly with every club promoter in town and sometimes traveled with bands. Ronnie says he’ll call up the young woman.

The young woman with the aqua dress puts her arm around her Ricky and says she invited a few of her friends. Ricky grins and says he wants to get to know each of them. The young woman tells him to be patient and not be so greedy. Ricky walks by Michael and Ronnie and says all is forgiven. Ronnie says they’ll get a reputation and he’ll stay quiet. Michael tells them they can’t give into her. A young woman, wearing a red dress, takes Michael’s hand. He waves goodbye to them as they walk upstairs.

Director: Lionel C. Martin Year: 1990

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