Video Review: Billie Eilish “Therefore I Am”

Billie Eilish walks on the first floor of the Glendale Galleria mall in Glendale, California. She jogs up the escalator to the second floor. She dances by the glass railings and passes by Justice. Running by Tilly’s, she turns around and waves her finger. Opening the door to Wetzel’s Pretzels, she takes one off the rack and walks out.

Standing in the elevator, she stares at the pretzel. Back on the first floor, she sits on the counter of Donuts & Coffee. Climbing over it, she opens the rack and takes out a donut. Running past Zales, she bites into the donut. At the food court, she runs to Hot Dog on a Stick. She drinks a large cup of lemonade and stops at Chipotle. Climbing over the counter, she grabs a bag and drinks more lemonade. With her food in hands, she goes back to Hot Dog on a Stick and gets some fries. A security guard yells at her while she eats some fries. She runs into the parking structure.

Rating: 4/5

Billie Eilish checks out a classmate of hers while she waits in line at Hot Dog on a Stick. He was a senior like her. She waves to him. He nods at her. She glances at him again while she tells the cashier her order. Turning her head, she sees that he was looking for a table at the food court. Eilish shakes as she holds her tray. Now was the time. It was the opportunity she’d been wanting.

Eilish sits by herself and eats her fries. She sees him check his time on his phone and look up every so often. A person asks him for directions to a store and he points. She sighs. People could be inconsiderate. He was on his break! She puts her tray away and sits at the table. He walks back to his job. She had one more chance.

At Lids, she looks at a Detroit Pistons t-shirt and sees him talking with a customer. After he finishes the ringing up the customer, he says hello to her and asks her if she needs any help. She asks him if he has the Pistons shirt in a medium. It’s for her brother. He says he’ll have to go in the back. She shuffles her foot and tries to think of conversation as she waits. He returns and says it’s the only size they have. She thanks him and mentions if he has notes from history class. He says he does and they’ll talk Monday as he walks back to the register. She walks out the store, smiling. It was progress.

Director: Billie Eilish Year: 2020

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