Video Review: Miley Cyrus & Dua Lipa “Prisoner”

Miley Cyrus’ pale pink lips sing against a black-and-white background of clouds. Also in black-and-white, she sits next to Dua Lipa. She licks her guitar. Back in color, a drummer twirls his sticks and looks into an open mouth. Dua Lipa drives a van while Cyrus sits by her.

They sit on a couch together. Cyrus guzzles a drink from the bottle. While Lipa drives, they clap. Cyrus throws a bottle in the back. A tattooed twentysomething man plays guitar. Lipa swerves on the expressway. Lipa hands Cyrus a cigarette. Cyrus bites a giant fly on the broken glass on the windshield. The tattooed twentysomething man takes the wheel as Cyrus and Lipa walk to the back of the van. They take off their jackets and dance. They stare into a hand mirror and continue to sing.

Lipa sticks a knife into a white teddy bear with hearts. Cyrus opens a bottle of red liquid. She smears it over her teeth and mouth. They eat a cherry. Cyrus pours the red liquid on her chest. Lipa licks if off Cyrus’ cheek and tugs at strap of her tank top. Cyrus licks Lipa’s tattoo. They lean in to kiss each other.

A twentysomething woman screams by a graffitied building. Lipa, Cyrus and their bandmates walk out of the van. Lit in aqua, they walk into the underground club. Back in color, they perform on stage. Lipa grabs the teeth of an open mouth. Against a black background, Cyrus touches her breasts and shakes her butt. Lipa steps on a guitar. They stick out their tongues at the audience as they finish performing.

Rating: 3/5

Dua Lipa pats Miley Cyrus’ cheek and slurs that she really loves her. Cyrus shakes her head and says she’s just drunk. Lipa says they’ll make it someday. Cyrus says she doesn’t mind. She likes staying around for the party. Music is just an excuse.

Lipa heaves and Cyrus finds a bucket. She pulls her Lipa’s hair back as she groans. Lipa was such a darling with a good heart. However, she couldn’t hold her liquor. She tried to drink as much as the rest of the band. But she often got sick.  Usually, other bands mocked her. Cyrus had to throw some punches at them. They backed off. Lipa really was in it for the music. She wrote the songs and was on time for rehearsal. Cyrus liked hanging out Lipa. It was what made her happy.

Their drummer brakes fast. Cyrus walks over to him and smacks him on the arm. She tells him to be careful and looks into his eyes. His eyes were dilated. She tells him to get out of the seat. He say he can drive. She puts the van in park and shoves him out of the seat. He says she has to turn left. Cyrus rolls her eyes and continues to go straight.

Directors: Alana O’Herlihy & Miley Cyrus Year: 2020

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