Video Review: Tony Terry “With You”

Filmed through a chestnut brown filter, a twentysomething man plays pool in the bar. Tony Terry hugs a young woman as they stand behind a bar. In color, a rose petal rests on a ice cube in a glass. Terry walks up to the stage and performs. He points to the young woman as she sits at a table.

A second young woman moves the curtain backstage. In silhouette, he continues to sing while royal blue light shines on him. Terry sits on a chair at home. He sings against a black background. A young man (Blair Underwood) bumps his drink on her arm. The young woman tells him “no” and puts her hand under chin as she listens. He walks back to the table and hugs her.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tony Terry cleans the counter at the bar. The young woman says the crowd was transfixed by him. He puts the towel around his shoulder and says some people talked to him backstage. They offered him studio time. He’ll be able to record it at least. The young woman says she should take the person up on it. He says he might.

Terry glances at the clock and squeezes by the past some of the bartenders. There was about 10 minutes left before the studio closed. He puts the money in the pay phone and asks to speak to the second young man. The receptionist says she’ll send him through. The second young man answers and he mentions if the studio time is available. The second young man says they can schedule it and gives him some times.

The young woman sits on the couch at the studio. Terry clears his throat and says he has to do it again. The producer glances at her. She says she’ll talk to him. Terry turns to her as she places her hand on his shoulder. She tells him he can do it and to think of the crowd, singing along. He nods and asks her to stay with him. As he holds her hand, he hits the notes as he sings. The producer grins and gives a high-five.

Director: Blair Underwood Year: 1991

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