Video Review: Jhené Aiko “A & B”

A fan whirs in the dance studio. She walks through the steps with three young men. Brushing the hair off her forehead. she does another step full-out. She gestures a phone with her fingers and rests her hand on her chest. They step back with robotic steps. She moves to the side, putting her hands on her head and rolls her hips.

They each raise an arm and point at the floor. She pauses and talks for a minute. They move their legs from side to side. She brushes some of her hair back. They walk backwards. She puts her hands on her head and rolls her hips again while the three young men grind on the floor. Leaning back with her hand on her chest, the young men form a circle by her. She walks by herself.

Rating: 5/5

Jhené Aiko goes through the routine by herself. One of the young man asks her if she wants to him to stay with her. She shakes her head and says she’s okay. He tells her to make sure to take a break. The work will be there in the morning. She continues to shift back and forth.

She bends down and falls. Her ankle swells as she sits on the floor. Steadying herself, she limps to the office and gets some ice. It’ll take some time to heal. She texts the young man a picture of her ankle and says it’ll be okay. Grabbing her duffel bag, she walks to the parking lot. Her sort-of boyfriend calls and asks if she’d like to go out. She deletes the voicemail.

As she drives home, she listens to the texts she gets from home. His other girlfriend probably broke up with him. It was the only reason he cared now. She saw him with the other girlfriend a few weeks ago. Apparently, she wasn’t in an exclusive relationship with him. She makes a right turn and returns to the studio. Even if it was sitting on the floor, she could at least clear her thoughts of him.

Director: Brandon Parker Year: 2020

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