Video Review: Rick Springfield “Love Somebody”

Paper and glass flies at Rick Springfield as he stands by the office of Hard to Hold Editing. He plays guitar as he performs on stage. His hair wet, he walks run down a hallway. As lights flash, people take the film off the ceiling. The stacks of film fall from the shelves.

A young man works at his desk and turns his chair as Springfield walks by him. A young woman asks for his opinion while he sits at his computer. Springfield watches footage of himself playing guitar in concert. The phone rings it and he hangs up. He looks at a movie poster from Adventure in Paradise.

At night, he moves some branches as he walks in the forest. The young woman, wearing a white dress, spreads her arms as she stands by two trees. He walks towards to her. Two shirtless fortysomething men grabs his arms. Back in the office, the young woman hands him the receiver. He talks on the phone.

A second young woman throws a chair in an office. He smiles at the young woman as they talk on the roof. They run together on the street at night. The young woman points to the ground and the two shirtless fortysomething man drop him. He looks up at her, his clothes in tatters. She hands him a flower.

Back in the office, he waves his finger at the computer. The glass in the door shatters. He bumps into a third young woman and knocks the books out of her hands. They dance. A shirtless Springfield walks into a banquet room. He holds onto his pants as he walks past two sixtysomething men. In a hotel, a third young woman punches the second young woman. The young woman looks back at him as she walks in the forest. Back in the office, he stands by the wall and sees the flower on the table.

Rating: 2/5

Rick Springfield reads the director’s notes at his desk and searches for the reel on the shelf. The young woman sorts through the reels. He tells her that he thinks the movie is going to be a hit. The young woman says she’s missing a reel. He turns and says he thinks it’s at his desk. She lets out a sigh of relief.

He glances at the poster of Adventures in Paradise. It had been a modest hit earlier in the year. He was in the movie for about a minute. While the two leads are in the diner, he is sitting at the table, reading a newspaper. On the set, he had tried to talk to the two leads for advice. It was a great film to be a part of.

The glass breaks in the door and the wind scatters the film reels. He dances with the young woman and tells her it’ll be okay. Their manager tells them to take cover. He holds onto the young woman as they stay by the wall. She says it’s going to ruin the film. It’s not to going to be released. He says they’ll make it out okay. The glass window shatters and she screams.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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