Video Review: BTS “Life Goes On”

V takes off his mask as he drives. Jimin brushes his teeth in the bathroom as Jungkook touches the glass window of their dorm. Jimin waves to Jungkook. RM stands on the balcony and touches the seat of his bike. He blows the dust from his hand into the wind.

RM sits by Jin in the family room and laughs. Suga points at the television while he holds the controller. Jin shakes the controller as he plays. J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook sit on the couch. Jin puts the pizza box on the table. V drives through a tunnel. He looks in the mirror.

They nods their heads to music as V continues to drive. J-Hope glances at Suga, Jin, and Jungkook sitting in the backseat. Back in the dorm, they sit on either the floor or couch and watch home videos. In the videos, Jimin plays guitar. Suga takes pictures. They sit at a bonfire and talk. While in the family room, they hug one another as they sit.

In the bedroom. Suga stretches on the second bed. V and Jimin sit up in bed, the blanket tucked behind their legs. J-Hope sits at the end of the bed. Jin, Jungkook and Suga dance in place while they lie on the blanket. They sleep in family room. Jin stays awake and then closes his eyes.

In black-and-white, they sit on chairs on stage and sing.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jungkook, Jin and Suga talk as they walk in the park. Jin nudges him and they watch as a person gets ticketed for not wearing a mask. Cases of COV-19 were rising again. Suga mutters he’s tired of it all. Jin nods and says he worries with every cough. Jungkook tells them to hang on a little longer. Suga says he can try. Jin says he just wants to get through the year.

V drives on the expressway. He glances at the skyline and sees some of his favorite stores. He may go inside. Although the virus was controlled, it remained in the back of his mind. Things were back to normal. But it could change if someone had a party. Someday, it’ll over.

RM answers a text from the delivery person. He tells the person the replacement is okay. He had been able to find a time right away. Most people felt safe going to the grocery store again. RM preferred the home delivery option. He could get other stuff done around the dorm. It was one of the tasks that wasn’t going to change once he received the vaccine. He sits on the couch and plays a video game.

Director: Jeon Jung Kook Year: 2020

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