Video Review: t.A.T.u. “All The Things She Said”

Rain falls in Khodynka Field in Moscow, Russia. A group of people hold their umbrellas, staring at Lena and Julia as they stand behind the fence. Lena grips the fence. Lena and Julia hold hands as they sit by the wall. Snowflakes cover the ground as Julia rests her head on Lena’s shoulder.

They pace back and forth on the pavement as people continue to watch them. A twentysomething woman scowls at them. A sixtysomething woman shakes her head. They kiss. A 15-year-old give them sorrowful looks. Julia watches the rain soak her hands. A 16-year-old young man grips the fence and sticks his tongue out at them.

Lit in ocean blue, Lena holds Julia’s hand and points to the right. They walk in the puddle and turn the corner, walking towards the sun.

Rating: 4/5

Julia and Lena kiss in the hallway at school. Some classmates yell out slurs at them. A teacher gestures for them to talk to her. The teacher tells them it’s inappropriate and sends them to the principal’s office. Julia squeezes Lena’s hand as they sit in the office. Lena smiles at her and tells her nothing can stop them.

The principal says he’s assigning them detention. He says their parents would be ashamed of them. It’s a phase and they are exploiting themselves. Lena says he knows nothing about them or how they feel. She tears up the detention slip and says it doesn’t matter. Julia says she’ll attend. She doesn’t want any trouble.

Julia doodles in her notebook. A 16-year-old young man taps her on the shoulder and asks her out. She grins and says she’s dating Lena. It felt good to say it out loud. The 16-year-old young darts his eyes back and forth says, “it was for real?” She laughs and continues to doodle in her notebook. It was Lena’s favorite cartoon character. She may give it to her later. A wide-eyed 15-year-old young woman catches herself staring and returns to her textbook.

Director: Ivan Shapovalov Year: 2002

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