Video Review: Morgan Wallen “7 Summers”

Morgan Wallen, as a teenager, stands on the baseball field at night.  On the radio, the DJ says, “welcome to Sports Talk, George Campbell here. I gotta make one more point. I drive by that field day in and out and I’ll tell you I would be hard pressed not to see that kid working. All I could think about was his daddy. Like father, like son, right?” Wallen walks to the mound. He throws a pitch while a young woman watches from the bleachers. His father grips the fence and walks away

Wallen puts his duffel bag in the backseat of the truck. His father tells him, “you’re trying to throw away your future?” He responds while staring at the young woman, “maybe I don’t want what you had. Maybe I want what you did.” His father says, “if you are going to talk to me like that, you can get out of the truck. Get out of the truck, Morgan!” As Wallen opens the door, he says, “alright Dad.” In the parking lot, the young woman asks him, “your dad upset about a couple of innings?” Wallen says, “I think it’s a hell of a lot more to him than that.” She says, “that’s all it is to me.” They kiss. She says, “So I guess we’re walking home?”

Wallen throws a pitch in the pouring rain in the field in the afternoon. At the lake, the young woman listens to him as he says, “Feel like I’m living in a dream. Just don’t know whose it is. I don’t care what he wants. ” The young woman asks him what he wants. He sits next to her on the blanket and tells her, “I don’t really know for sure. But I think it looks a lot like this. She says, “If I have to come back, I come back” and rests her head on his shoulder.

His father puts the mail on the kitchen table and tells him, “you’ll want to share these with your dad.”  Wallen rubs his face with his hand. He says, “I’m getting sick of you pushing this game on me. ” His dad says, “this game is your future, Morgan.” Wallen stands up and says, “my future? I got what I want right here. It’s right down the damn street.” His father walks away. Wallen opens the letter and places it on the table. He opens the door and the young woman says, “not happy to see me?”

At night, they walk to the baseball field. Wallen comments, “of all the fences you’re going me jump.” She dances and says for him “to cheer up. It’s a beautiful night.” They kiss and fall to the ground. As they look at the stars, he says, “I guess now is a good time to tell you. I got an offer.” The young woman asks him, “you gonna sign it?” Wallen responds, “the other night you said something. You told me you’d come back. Did you really mean that? ” Turning to him, she says, “yeah, I promise.”

A twentysomething Wallen calls out, “Scotty!” on the baseball field. He asks him, “you got this?” Scotty responds, “yes, sir.” Wallen nods and says, “I think you do. Go get ’em.” While he walks back, he sees the young woman. Her husband asks him, “are you ready to get out here?” She glances at Wallen one more time and says, “yeah.” Wallen shakes his head and mutters, “well, I guess you kept your promise.”

Rating: 5/5

The young woman came around for every game. Morgan Wallen avoided her gaze. The resentment boiled within him as she talks with her husband and daughter. He drinks some water from a paper cup and claps for one of his players. The young woman excuses herself and walks toward him. He turns to her and says he’s in the middle of a game. She says they have to talk. Wallen throws away the cup and calls the next player up.

Wallen sits in his truck and gives himself a moment. She knocks on the window and mouths “please.” He rolls down the window. There were so many questions. He blurts out, “why didn’t you wait? Why don’t you care?” She bursts into tears and says she tried. However, she felt alone and got pregnant. She says she cares for her husband as a friend. But she’s still in love with him. Wallen says he has to go. He makes a turn to the nearest bar.

He opens the door. She kisses him and says she’s sorry. He holds onto her and kisses her hair. All those years disappeared. She asks to forget the present and be with her. He tells her he can’t destroy her family. She says it doesn’t matter. He takes her in his arms and they walk to his bedroom.

Director: Justin Clough Year: 2020

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