Video Review: Sybil & Salt-N-Pepa “Crazy 4 U”

Sybil sits on her bed. A young man carries a tray of orange juice and fruit to her. She turns him away. With multi-colored swirls around her, she dances in the family room. Wearing a yellow pantsuit with large purple dots, she stands in the family and lies on the couch. A second young man accepts two gifts from a third young man.

She reaches for a glass of water on the table beside the desk clock. The young man takes the glass. A fourth young man leaves another gift. In black-and-white, she sits on chair, wearing a low-cut lace dress. It changes to color. Two young men dance by the wall. She smiles as more men leave presents for her. She watches Salt-N-Pepa sit behind the glass of a vase and rap. A 10-year-old boy gives her two more gifts and a kiss on the cheek.

Rating: 2/5

Sybil fixes the 10-year-old’s tie and says his friends will be over soon. Her boyfriend whispers that her ex-husband will be over. Sybil shakes her head and tells him they’ll have to avoid one another. She dreads seeing him. Her boyfriend hopes he doesn’t start any trouble.

A third young man walks into the door and says he has a gift for the birthday boy. Her son hugs the third young man and says he’s missed playing baseball with him. Her boyfriend side-eyes the third young man and says he has to go. The third young man says he’s remained in contact with the 10-year-old boy. Sybil nods and says he can stay. Her boyfriend throws up his hands.

A fourth young man approaches Sybil and says it’s been a long time. She says she didn’t know he was going to be there. He says he’s with one of her friends. They’d been dating for about 5 months. Sybil whispers to him her boyfriend is unaware of him. Her boyfriend walks up the fourth young man and demands to know who he is. The fourth young man says he’s just a friend. Her 10-year-old son gives him a high-five and says he wants to show him something on his telescope. Sybil cringes while her boyfriend says they’ll talk later.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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