Video Review: Keri Hilson “Slow Dance”

A friend calls out “Hey Keri” as she walks towards the Jeep. Keri Hilson responds, “hey y’all!” Polow Da Don checks his watch and tells her, “you’re going to miss the party!” Omarion and several friends laugh. She gets into the car, saying, “y’all know perfection takes time.”

Melody Thronton, sitting in the backseat, asks her, “what took you song?” Monica suggests, “trying on clothes? Singing in the mirror?” Hilson drawls, “Nooo!” and puts on sunglasses, adding, “I look good, don’t I?” She starts the car.

A note reads on the screen: “earlier that night…” Hilson presses the button on her phone and plays music. Wearing a black bra and panties, she sits at her vanity. She walks to her closet and takes out a black mesh jacket over her shoulder. She sits on the chair and puts the jacket on. Wearing a tan snakeskin dress, she spins around and dances by the door. Back at her vanity, she spritzes perfume on her chest.

As Hilson drives, Chris Brown tries to get her attention in the next lane. The car with Brown in it follows behind her and turns right. She waves to Brown and Omarion. In the back of the club, she holds up the champagne bottle and talks with her friends. Polow Da Don checks her out. A second young man looks at his phone. Thornton spots Polow Da Don spots and gestures for him to come over.

In black-and-white, Hilson and several people perform a routine. It switches back to color, violet, teal and money green. It returns to color as she dances with a young man.

Rating: 3/5

Keri Hilson introduces the young man to Monica, Chris Brown and Melody Thornton. He shakes their hands and says it’s nice to meet them. Hilson sits in her seat, her hand on her cheek, her eyes darting back and forth from the young man to her friends. He talks about his modeling job and says he’s trying to transition to acting. They all chime in with their experiences with auditions.

As they walk back to his car, she says on second thought, that he looks familiar. He confirms he worked at the designer’s show. She says she had a fantastic time with him tonight. He leans against his car and tells her it doesn’t have to end. She gives him her phone number and says she’ll make time for him.

Hilson wraps her arms around the young man’s neck as they dance in her family room. He kisses her. She rests her head on his shoulder. He says he can’t stay much longer. Tomorrow he has an early start. She asks him for the designer’s number and she’ll make a call. He says he can’t ask her to do that. She shrugs and texts one of her friends. Monica says she’ll hire him for her next video. She shows him the text and says he has work lined up. He can stay after all. He presses the button for another song.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2009

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