Video Review: Wes Nelson & Hardy Caprio “See Nobody”

Lit in scarlet red, Wes Nelson stands by the railing in London, England at night. A car passes by the Citibank and HSBC buildings as it drives on the freeway. He sits in the driver’s seat, singing.

He stands by some trucks by the Colton’s building. Sitting in the car, he glances at Hardy Caprio in the other car. They weave between the multiple trucks and drive by the Excel London building. Caprio and Nelson dance in the parking lot as several cars circle around them.

Rating: 5/5

Wes Nelson packs his car with a couple of boxes from his desk. Hardy Caprio points to his badge. Nelson says he has to go back inside. He just assumed he had it on him. Caprio opens the door for him. He helps Nelson carry the last box. Nelson shuts his trunk and says it was good seeing him. Caprio says they still have some time. They can order some food.

As they sit on a bench outside the office, they take notice of the closed signs. Caprio mentions he was hoping to get a hamburger from the restaurant next door to them. Nelson says he thought the restaurant would’ve made it. Caprio says it’s too far for takeout. Otherwise, he would’ve been able to support them. Nelson sighs at the boarded doors of the bar. He says they are going to have to find another happy hour place. Caprio throws away their containers and says he’s not ready to go home just yet.

Nelson stops for gas and pulls back onto the expressway. Caprio was likely ahead of him and done several laps. He turns into the parking lot. Caprio asks what happened to him. Nelson says he about to stall in the middle of the expressway. Caprio shakes his hand and says he almost beat him. He was getting nervous there for a moment. Nelson says he should get going. He has a long drive home. Caprio says he was glad to see him in person. Nelson says it’s the first major thing he’s done in awhile. He waves goodbye as he gets into his car.

Director: Wowa Year: 2020

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