Video Review: Kelly Clarkson “Already Gone”

A glass of wine sits on table in the hotel room. Kelly Clarkson stretches out on a couch at The Carlu in Toronto, Canada. Her earrings sparkle as she turns her head. An invisible person plays the violin. A high heel shoe tips over on the stair.

Wearing a white dress, she stands by the wall. In a black dress, she walks in the banquet room, carrying a white rose. A string of pearls shine. She reaches out to a white rose suspended in air. Multiple violins play on their own in a second banquet room. She stands in the center of the room. She sits on the floor by the piano as it plays by itself.

Rating: 2/5

Kelly Clarkson walks into The Carlu for a work event. As she sits down, she realizes it was the same banquet room she and her ex-fiancé booked for their wedding. The centerpiece was similar to her choice. She clears her throat and composes herself.

She was the one to call it off. Although she had made peace with her decision, a part of her wondered what her life would’ve been like. She claps after the CEO makes a speech. The servers bring her a bowl of soup. One of her friends asks her if she’s all right. Clarkson nods and says she’s fine. Her friend says it’s still weird being there, though. Clarkson says it was a while ago. In the back of her mind, she thinks of dancing with her dad as some music plays in the background.

As Clarkson waits for her car, she stands by the entrance, imagining herself leaving with her ex-fiancé on their honeymoon. It could’ve worked between them. She had liked him enough. But it wasn’t love. She hopes he’s doing okay. It had been a tough decision for her. She knew it would hurt him. Their life would’ve been a lie and both of them deserved better. She tips the valet and gets into her car.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2009

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