Video Review: Lil Nas X “Holiday”

Over columns made of ice, a note reads on the screen: “North Pole. December 24, 2220. 6:26 p.m.”  A fire burns within the ice home. Lil Nas X, dressed as Santa Claus, with white hair and silver pants, turns around in his chair. He talks to several robots in the conference room. A robot plays the Playstation 5 at his desk in the factory. A box tips over on the conveyor belt.

Wearing a robot suit, he jumps off the railing. A parachute opens as he flies over the multiple conveyor belts winding through the building.. He tears through a shelf while driving his car. Glancing over his shoulder, he sees he’s knocked over several toy soldiers. A foot stops his car. A second version of Lil Nas X picks up the toy car and throws it. The second version of Lil Nas dances by a conveyor belt. Some silver robots dance on platforms behind him.

Dressed in silver pants with the white beard and hair, he dances down the skywalk and climbs up the steps. He walks inside the elevator. Hopping into the sleigh, he looks over his shoulder as the runway rises. The reindeer attach to his sleigh and gallop into the air. He steers as they fly through the mountains and a Holiday sign. They fly through the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Two young men watch him fly by the billboards in Times Square.

Rating: 5/5

Lil Nas X reads the letters from kids in his office. He tells his robot staff it’s important children have the best Christmas. Some of them are scared and have lost so much. Most are trying to help their parents. They are asking him for help. He tells them every kid will get their gifts.

In California, Lil Nas X parks his sleigh on top of a building. He finds boxes of Playstations and takes them with him. Underneath the trees, he places the boxes and heads out to get some toys. He checks his time. There was plenty of time to get to the Midwest. He guzzles the milk and takes a bite from the cookies. On a piece of paper, he writes “thank you” and tells them they’ve been really good. In some apartments, he leaves some food and money.

As he flies over the cities, he hears the sirens and visits the hospitals. He leaves some PPE and says prayers for the people inside as he stands by the emergency room. As he flies up to the North Pole, he teleconferences with his staff and tells them to plan another visit in another 6 months.

Directors: Gibson Hazard & Lil Nas X Year: 2020

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