Video Review: Berlin “No More Words”

John stands by a clock inside a bank. A message scrolls on the screen, reading: “In the years following 1930, misery found its way into every region of American life. For 40,000,000 people poverty became a horrible reality. These were the hard and hungry years of the Great Depression. Luckless and homeless, ragged bands of youth roamed the country, sleeping each night in hobo jungles. Some turned to a life of crime…”

Matt holds his gun as he sits in the backseat of the car. John eats a donut while he stands in the bank. Ric tips his hat in the driver’s seat. Terri runs out of the bank with a pillowcase of money. John joins her as she gets inside. Ric drives off. Matt shoots his gun as another car follows them. The owner of the bank points to the road as he talks to the sheriff.

Ric slows down as they see people sitting on chairs on the field. A 10-year-old girl walks by the car. Nunn watches a dog pick up a stick. A fiftysomething man sits on a chair. Matt and Ric teach the 10-year-old girl how to shoot a gun. Nunn throws their guns down. As they drive off, they drop off a suitcase of money. The 10-year-old girl runs to it and holds it up.

The police watch as two silhouettes dance by the window. They turn on their lights. A thirtysomething man walks out and puts his hands up. John holds Terri as Ric takes off in the car. Several police officers shoot at them.The thirtysomething man takes a deep breath as he sits on his lawn. In silhouette, Ric shoots his gun. The Kansas City Chronicle’s headline reads: “Gang On Rampage: Four Police Die.”

Rating: 5/5

Terri Nunn lifts up her head as she hears the door open. John peeks around the corner and says it’s just their friend. Their friend places the groceries on the table. John gestures for her to go first. Nunn opens a bag of apples. She shares some with John. Ric cracks an egg while Matt stands guard. Nunn closes her eyes as she bites into the apple. It was the greatest thing she ever tasted.

Their friend asks them where they are headed next. John leans against the counter and responds, “out of the country.” Ric says he’s not going to turn himself in. They are trying to survive. Nunn puts her hand on his arm and says they have to stay. The fields are filled with people. Matt says they’ve done what they can. They have to take care of themselves at some point. Ric says he’s going on his own. John says they’ll have to discuss it further.

Nunn drops another suitcase in a field. Some people might be able to find themselves a place to live. Seeing the children saddened her. Knowing the money was going to help them eased her guilt. The banks could recover. The families on the field could not. They were living from day to day. A police car drives towards them and shoots Ric. She cries out and tries to steer. John tells her to put her head down and climbs over her. She says she’s got it and stops the car. If she didn’t, Ric was going to die. Matt yells at her and asks her why she did it. She shows him Ric’s blood on her arm and says they have to save him.

Directors: Evan English and Paul Goldman Year: 1984

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