Video Review: Darius Rucker “Beers and Sunshine”

A bearded thirtysomething man stops at Bronston’s Fix Shop. A fiftysomething man hands him his bill and smiles as he looks at the sky. The fiftysomething man waves goodbye as the bearded man drives off. Darius Rucker walks on the trail.

A thirtysomething woman sits on the couch and watches a twentysomething man stand by a map as he reports the weather. The bearded thirtysomething man takes the remote from her and grabs two beach chairs. On the porch, a second thirtysomething man scrolls through the weather app on his tablet while a second thirtysomething woman carries jetskis to their car. A third twentysomething man and woman ride in a boat.

Rucker dances as he stands on the dock. He gets a beer out of the cooler and sits on a chair. The second thirtysomething woman grabs the tablet from the second thirtysomething man as he sits on the porch. The third thirtysomething laughs as she watches a video on her phone. The third thirtysomething man takes it from her and tosses it in the back of the boat.

At night, Rucker sits on the cooler by the bonfire. The couples walk onto the dock and sit on the chairs. They drink beer by the bonfire. The thirtysomething woman takes the phone of the thirtysomething woman’s hand. He gives it to the third thirtysomething woman, who puts it in the cooler. The third thirtysomething woman hands them some beers. They talk and dance.

Rating: 2/5

The third thirtysomething woman scrolls through the settings and sets up the parental controls. She chooses the third thirtysomething’s man favorite websites and sets up an hour limit. He was on the thing all the time. If he wasn’t checking the weather, he was playing games or watching television. She wanted him to experience life again. She puts back on the table.

The third thirtysomething man calls out “something is wrong with the tablet.” He says it’s not working and asks her if she knows what it is. She shrugs and tucks it in her duffel bag. He says it’s such a cheap product. They only had a year and it’s broken. She says she’ll take it in to be fixed.

The third thirtysomething man sits up as she gets home. She says they had to hold onto it for awhile. The guy at the store couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He folds his arms across his chest and says he’s bored. The news has become so fast-paced. He has to know. She hands him a book and and says for him to go outside. He stays inside too much. He grumbles that he’s going to buy a new one as he walks on the porch.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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