Video Review: Celeste “A Little Love”

A 10-year-old girl, in her pajamas, runs into her bedroom and places the music box on her bed. She rests her head on her hand and stares at the plastic Celeste inside. Lying on the floor, she raises the music box over her head. The music box sits on her dresser. The lamp flashes as she continues to look at it while in bed. The bedroom goes dark.

A toy swan and soldier sit on the floor. The music box becomes oversized. The 10-year-old girl turns the lever. Celeste spins at the barre. During the day, the 10-year-old’s girl grandma walks into her room. A twentysomething young woman plays the keyboard in the corner. Her grandma shows her Celeste sitting by a wall of roses. Within a heart, the grandma encourages people to dance on the lawn. A teenaged couple dance.

Back in the bedroom, the 10-year-old girl sits by the music box, swan, a ballet slipper and soldier on the floor. She stares at the ceiling and smiles.

Rating: 3/5

The 10-year-old leaps in the air during ballet class. She adds a spin to it and waits for her turn again. The teacher praises her. She smiles to herself and continues to practice. Her mom asks her about class. She says she’s starting to get it. Once they get home, her mom tells her to change and wash up. They’ll be eating dinner soon. She plays the music box in her bedroom as she puts on her jeans and t-shirt.

At the Nutcracker audition, the young woman takes a deep breath. She imagined herself as the ballerina in the music box she received from her grandma. The assistant calls her and she walks into the studio by herself. The choreographers ask her how long she studied and what inspired her to dance. She explains the story about the music box and performs her solo.

The thirtysomething woman hands her daughter a present for Christmas. Her 7-year-old daughter unwraps it and squeals. The thirtysomething woman says she got it as a child and says she played it all the time. It’s hers now. Her daughter turns the lever. They listen to the song together. She says she wants to learn how to spin like the ballerina. The thirtysomething woman says she’ll show her but it’s going to take time.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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