Video Review: Rick Astley “Whenever You Need Somebody”

A twentysomething woman, wearing a neon pink cover-up walks along the sand of the Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Rick Astley sings into a microphone in a studio. Two young women, in silhouette, sing background vocals for him in the back.

On the beach, she takes off her cover-up and laces up her bikini top. She winks. Astley, in the studio, plays on a television sitting on the rock. She puts her hands on her hips and watches him. As she walks, she trips over a young woman lying on her blanket.

At the Hotel Reina Isabel, she swims in the pool and lounges in the chair. On television, Astley tips his sunglasses to his nose. She puts down her drink and takes off her sunglasses. Back in the studio, the two young women perform by the microphones while Astley sings in silhouette. As she walks along the patio, she smiles towards the television. An attendant bumps into her and she falls into the pool. She sits on the stool at the bar and stares at her drink.

She packs up her suitcase in her hotel room and flies off into the airplane. Astley continues to sing as she walks into the studio. She sees him in silhouette and runs to him. They kiss.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman sits up on the blanket and watches the ocean. She takes a picture. It’s something Rick Astley would’ve liked to see. However, he was working and couldn’t go on vacation with her. She takes off her cover-up and walks in her bikini. A twentysomething man runs alongside and asks her how she’s liking Spain. She says it’s beautiful but she’s missing her boyfriend. The twentysomething man says he hopes she has a good day and walks away.

She orders another drink. Her head was starting to hurt. However, it was making time go by faster. She tells the second twentysomething man next to her she has to find Astley. Astley hadn’t heard from her in awhile. The twentysomething man gestures for the bartender. The bartender asks her about her room and says someone will take her back.

She wakes up in her bikini and decides she has to get back to England. At the airport, the young woman tells her there weren’t available flights until about 8 p.m. She says she’ll take it and waits in the lounge. At least she knew she was going to see Astley soon. She calls him on the payphone and leaves a message that she’ll be home early. It was good to hear his voice.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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