Video Review: Jason Derulo & Nuka “Love Not War”

A young woman walks on pink rose petals in the Glendale Galleria mall. She picks up a card by the vase of flowers on the table. It reads: “Shopping spree on me.” He hands her a key to a car. She hugs him. Derulo dances by the car. She chooses a purse. He shows her some bracelets at the jewelry store.

Lit in royal blue, several people stand within the display. He feels the fabric of a denim jacket on a twentysomething woman. She tells him “no” while they walk away. The people within the display dance with him. Derulo and the young woman lie on the first floor, money and items strewn around them.

Wearing an orange bikini, the young woman walks towards him. He places a bikini to by her chest. She dances with him. The people stand on the black displays by the RMLA store. Derulo sees them move and jumps. He and the young woman dance by a white lit Love and War signs. She sits on one of the candy vending machines and watches him dance. They continue to lie on the floor together. She turns into a mannequin.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young woman asks the clerk if they have the bikini in her size. The clerk says she’ll look it up. The young woman walks by the tote bags and gets three. Jason Derulo told her she could whatever wanted. He was trying to make up for lying to her. Spending his money wasn’t going to stop him from lying to her again. However, she didn’t give a second thought to taking advantage.

She carries several bags out of the store. Grinning, he asks her what she bought and looks into the bag. He nods at the bikinis and they aren’t going to make it to the pool. She shudders and reminds herself he was trying. Everyone said stupid things. Sometimes more than others. Derulo promised he’d grow up.

Her best friend admires the necklace. She says Derulo bought it for her. Her best friend says that he must really love her. She forces a smile, saying “it was a just because present.” Her friends exclaim, “aww!” and predict when he’ll ask her to marry him. She sips her drink and watches the bracelet shimmer in the light.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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