Video Review: Joan Jett “Love Hurts”

Wearing a jacket, Joan Jett walks by some buildings in the city. Against a rusted background, she plays the guitar. In a black-and-white photo, a thirtysomething woman and man talk by a fence. A spotlight shining her, she sings against a teal background. In a second black-and-white photo, a twentysomething woman sits at the end of a bench.

Jett stands against a metal door. In a third black-and-white photo, a long-haired twentysomething man sits with a twentysomething woman at a table. The young woman puts her hand over her face as he talks to her. Jett sings against a black background. In a fourth black-and-white photo, the thirtysomething man makes a call at the payphone. A third twentysomething man holds a third twentysomething woman’s hand while they sit on a bench in a fifth black-and-white photo.

The long-haired twentysomething leans his arms on a fence while the twentysomething woman yells at him in the sixth black-and-white photo. The thirtysomething man holds onto the thirtysomething woman at the phone in the seventh black-and-white photo. Jett walks on the sidewalk. The thirtysomething man sits on the chair in the lobby of the train station while the thirtysomething woman stands next to him.

Rating: 3/5

The thirtysomething man puts the quarter in the payphone. He tells the thirtysomething woman he’s leaving. She says she’ll go with him. He responds he has to do it on his own. She says she’ll come with him at the train station. He walks to the train station. She asks to see his ticket. He says it won’t be forever. She stands by his chair and says she’s going to stay until he leaves.

The long-haired twentysomething woman closes his eyes at the fence. The twentysomething woman called him a coward and immature. He loved her but he had slept with someone else. They had agreed to work through it. But he wasn’t sure how long they’ll last. Her hurt wasn’t fading away.

The twentysomething woman sits on the bench and thinks about her ex-boyfriend. Maybe she’ll run into him again. She’d like to go in the shop and walk around, looking for him. A few of the workers didn’t know who he was. She tried to rotate the times and days. Neither of the times she saw him. As she watches the manager open the store, she thinks she may have left too early. She sits on the bench and watches the people as they park their cars and walk on the sidewalk.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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