Video Review: Blaque & Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes “I Do”

Code runs on an eye-shaped monitor. Drawings of Natina, Brandi and Shamari appears on the screen. Natina places her hand over her eyes and moves them. She raps and flexes her muscles inside a jagged square-shaped hallway. Shamari and Brandi take turns dancing in the hallway.

The hallway entrances continue to change shape and get larger. The final section features a jagged rectangle cut-out with a royal blue painted wall. They dance against a bubblegum pink background with several young men. Two young men sit on the steps.

They dance against a background of the drawings of themselves. Three young men join them. Shamari watches Natina perform in the eye-shaped monitor. Brandi, wearing a hat and purple dress, laughs as she sits on the stool and watches the group talk with a young man on the bubblegum pink steps. Against a burgundy background, Natina twirls numchucks while in a karate uniform. She throws it to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes who tosses it to the side.

Lopes walks in the jagged geometric-shaped hallways. She spars with Natina. Natina leaps over her and flies in the air. Lopes kicks her, her foot aimed at her face. Wearing purple outfits, they stand by the drawings of themselves.

Rating: 3/5

Natina rolls up her sleeves. She tells Lisa “Left Eye” she’s been practicing karate. They bow to one another and start the match. Lopes pins her down. Natina shakes her head and asks her how she was able to do it. Lopes teaches her how she suspends herself in the air, emphasizing the pause. The pause allows for bigger impact.

Natina talks with one of the young men against the bubblegum pink background. Shamari kicks one of the young women. Brandi and Natina cheer her on. Natina puts her arm around and says she did good. Shamari says the practice was well worth it. Brandi says she has her last practice with Lopes.

Brandi flails as she falls onto the mat. Lopes says they are going to try again. Brandi says she needs some water. Her muscles aching, she walks to the corner. Natina and Shamari walk in and sit by her. Brandi says it’s been a horrible day. Natina says she can do it and mentions she must’ve fallen a hundred times. Shamari says she’ll get hang of it. It took her months. Brandi gets up and says she’ll try again. Natina and Shamari clap for her as she walks back onto the mat.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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