Video Review: Tiësto “The Business”

A young woman (Kyla Bullings), wearing a lab coat, walks into the morgue. She checks the toe tag and sees it’s for the young man (Casey Frey). She places the boombox on the table and puts in a cassette. After pressing play, she takes off her lab coat and watches him.

His hand twitches and he sits up. She smiles as his chest heaves. Lights flash as they walk down the hallway. He puts on a shirt and spins while she carries the boombox. She puts the boombox on the table at the diner. He contorts as he sips a twentysomething young woman’s drink. Tipping the table, he takes a second twentysomething woman’s fries. The twentysomething woman films him on her phone. The young woman sits at the table and gazes at him while he dances.

He jumps up on the fortysomething man’s table and kicks off the food and continues to dance. A cook serves them milkshakes. She carries the milkshake as they walk on the street at night. He sips his milkshake. A car hits him, severing his arm. Several 17-year-old young woman gasp as they watch the arm reattach to his body.

He dances on the bus. The people sit in their seats and nod their heads. Some dance in the aisle. The young man and woman watch the sunrise on a bench. She watches him disappear.

Rating: 5/5

The young man should have one more night to live. He was taken too soon. The young woman estimates she has about a half hour to get to the morgue. She walks with a clipboard down the hallway. A fortysomething man reminds her she has to turn in her reports. She nods and tells her co-worker he’ll receive it by the end of the night.

The young man loved music. People at the club came to see him dance. Some challenged him and he beat them every time. He was known to buy people a round of drinks and talked to everyone until closing. The owner of the club had found about his tragic car accident and closed for the weekend.

As he dances, she smiles. It was for the first time in days. Although he couldn’t talk, he could comprehend what was going on. Seeing his body lying on the table at work devastated her and she knew she could revive him somehow. In her spell, she added extra eye of newt, hoping it would extend his time to perhaps a month. Sitting on the bench, he turns to her, knowing what was to come. There was nothing she could do as he dissolved into particles. She continues to sit on the bench, murmuring spells. He couldn’t be gone forever.

Director: Christian Breslauer Year: 2020


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