Video Review: DaBaby “Practice”

A fiftysomething man, Unc, which is noted on the left side of the screen, smokes a cigarette in the parking lot of a Minor Print Screenprinting  shop. A note on the right side confirms it’s DaBaby’s real uncle. He turns to a twentysomething man and asks her, “how you doin’?” She nods and says “fine.” He asks for his name. She answers it’s Jeanette. He spreads out his arm and introduces himself to her.

Several cars sit parked in the lot. One car does donuts. A friend of DaBaby’s waves his lighter. Caleb, DaBaby’s son, holds up money in his hands. Unc shows off his necklace. DaBaby, his family and friends wear the same “Million Dollar Baby” t-shirt. Several of his friends ride bicycles as they follow a beige car on the street. DaBaby sits on top of one of the beige and empties a duffel bag of money on his lap. His family and friends watch him.

A second friend films the car driving on the road as a mascot version of DaBaby sits on top of it. The car speeds off. Caleb sits with DaBaby on top of the car. DaBaby and Caleb dance with the mascot at night. DaBaby’s friends sit by their bicycles. DaBaby offers the mascot his cigarette.

His friends stand by the building and pose. Unc talks with an eight-year-old boy and gives him some money. A message reads, “Happy Birthday Big Caleb.” In a split screen, Caleb play fights with the mascot. A second message reads: October 7, 2017.” Caleb picks up a basketball and throws it in the mini-hoop at the store.

Rating: 0/5

Along the street, multiple stores and restaurants are closed. Some for good. DaBaby pulls up in his multiple cars. His friends complain about nothing being open. DaBaby parks his car by a closed up shop. They hang out and talk. His uncle talks about DaBaby being his nephew with everyone and hands out money. A friend of his warns DaBaby. DaBaby tells him to put the money away.

A tire rolls off one of the cars. DaBaby shrugs and says he’ll his assistant take the care for him in the morning. His assistant says he’ll call for a tow truck. The driver says he’s going to take off for the night and finds himself a ride. DaBaby shakes his head and brags about his money within the earshot of the driver. The mascot asks for his break. DaBaby says he’s going to have stay longer. The mascot sneaks off to go to the bathroom. DaBaby waits by the restroom and chews him out, saying he’s the entertainment for the evening.

Caleb tells his friends what his dad bought him. He says he’s as rich as his dad and one day, he’s going to be a rapper, too. His friends say “ooh” and ask when he’s going to release album. Caleb says his dad is taking him to the studio. He says he’s going to be a basketball player and sell lots of albums.

Director: Gemini Vision Year: 2020

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