Video Review: The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl “Fairytale of New York”

In black-and-white, smoke wafts over the piano as Shane plays on stage. A police officer (Matt Dillon) takes him into the station and arrests in New York City, New York. A Santa talks with two officers at the desk.  Shane waves his hand across his face as he sits against the wall in the cell. Phillip sleeps on the bench next to him. A thirtysomething man struggles to keep his eyes open.

Spider, Jem, James, Andrew, Phillip and Terry sit with their instruments beside and watch Shane play. Hands in her pocket, Kirsty walks on the sidewalk. Geese fly past her. She leans against the piano as Shane plays. Back on the sidewalk, she and Shane walk together. The Pipes and Drums of New York City Police Department’s Emerald Society play on the street.

Kirsty and Shane push and shove each other in the lobby of the hotel. She sits on the windowsill. He comes over to talk to her. The lights shine on the trees. Shane and Kirsty dance by the piano.

Rating: 4/5

Kirsty drinks from her stash of vodka as the parade plays on television. Shane hands her a present and tells her “Merry Christmas.” She glares at him as she sips her drink. He puts his hands up and looks down. She rips apart the paper and goes silent as she opens the box. It was a sweater she saw months ago. He says he knew she liked it. Kirsty says she’s going to change.

Shane sneaks from his bottle as he helps Kirsty’s sister. Her sister swipes it from him and says they are staying with her tonight. His niece runs over to him and asks to play. Her sister says he’ll be eating soon. Kirsty mashes the potatoes and mutters that she hates cooking under breath.

Kirsty plays a board game with her niece. Her niece says she wins. Kirsty gives her a high-five. She adored her niece. Her sister often told her niece took after her. She was a risk-taker and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Kirsty wanted to protect her from the world. Her niece says she didn’t expect Santa to get her the game. Shane puts his arm around Kirsty. Kirsty tells her not to stop believing. Her niece asks, “why wouldn’t I believe?” Shane ruffles his niece’s hair.

Director: Peter Dougherty Year: 1987

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