Video Review: Joey McIntyre “Stay The Same”

Joey McIntyre sings into microphone inside a studio. A choir accompanies him. They finish the song. As he takes off his headphones, he tells them, “that was perfect. Let’s take five.” He walks on a bridge in Los Angeles, California. Several 7-year-old boys run around by the trees on Belmont Ave.

A fiftysomething woman smiles at him while she waters her lawn. He passes by a twentysomething woman walking her dog. Two twentysomething men walk by him with their bicycles. He smiles at a 16-year-old young woman in her treehouse.

Children swing on a playset during a birthday party. While he sits on the roof of a home, he sees a thirtysomething carry a birthday cake to the picnic table. Her mom claps and tells the children to join them at the table. The 8-year-old girl takes a present. Her dad grins. He sits on a tree limb and watches the car drive on the expressway. The 8-year-old girl blows out her candles.

Rating: 3.5/5

Joey McIntyre eats a hamburger while he talks to the 8-year-old girl’s mom. He’d known her since they were kids. She shows him her new tattoo. He says it’s a fitting tribute to her grandmother. She laughs and says her grandmother was giving her ideas before she passed. Her 8-year-old girl asks if she can play for a little bit. She nods and tells her to have fun.

The thirtysomething woman had stayed to true to herself for most of her life. In freshman year of high school, she tried to be trendy and wanted to be a cheerleader. She made the team but quit before the first game. He never told her why. However, she suspected something had happened with her crush at the time. She had reconnected with him and he told her he missed her. Throughout the year, she returned back to her tutu skirts and black leather skirts.

He laughs as her daughter dances. The thirtysomething woman says she’s trying to convince her daughter to puts some pink highlights in her air. She exclaims that she’s refusing. The thirtysomething man says that he thinks their daughter takes after him. The thirtysomething woman pats his arm and tells him it’s okay, too. But she’s going to have to learn to deal with being embarrassed by her mom. McIntyre slaps his hand on his knees as he bursts into laughter. She takes her plate and moves her hips from side to side. Her daughter says, “mommy! Stop!” He says she’ll appreciate it someday. The thirtysomething woman clears the table and says she’s not going to have much choice.

Director: Rocky Schenck Year: 1999

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