Video Review: Karol G “Bichota”

A group of men hit their fists on a table while Karol G, sits with her feet up and smirks. Candles burn underneath a white-lit cross hanging on the wall. She tips her money green glittery glasses and winks.

She rides a horse in the desert. Several young women stand by an airplane. Lit in a hazy red, she drives a car at night. She and her friends dance in their seats as they pass lavender trees. Lit in neon teal, she stands by the car in the road as her friends dance around it. In color, she holds the leash on a dog while her friends continue to dance.

She and her friends dance inside a foyer of a mansion. At night, they dance in the backyard. Some of her friends carry their duffel bags as they walk towards the airplane.

Rating: 5/5

Karol G checks out her nails as she sits in the conference room. She tunes out as the men tell her she’s incapable of her executive position. They threaten to remove her from the board if she doesn’t get in line. Karol G reminds them they weren’t complaining as she was driving up sales and drawing attention to the brand. She stands up and says they are free to do what they want. She doesn’t need the money anyhow.

Some people reach out to her in her direct messages. They say she has a place to land. She thanks them for their support and says she’ll think about the offer. However, she’s going to take some time for herself. One of her friends turns up the radio as they drive at night. She puts her foot on her pedal. A speed limit wasn’t going to stop her.

At her home, she and her friends drink in the family room. One of her friends comments there were reporters outside. She peeks through the window and says they should give them what they want. Cameras flash as they dance in the backyard. She had created her name and now people were finally paying attention.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2020


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