Video Review: Westlife “Fool Again”

A twentysomething man rides his bicycle as cars stop and go in traffic in Mexico City, Mexico. Kian drives in the car. Nicky sits next right. Shane, in the backseat, watches what’s going on behind them as Brian turns to the right. Markus walks in The Zocalo. They spot him and Kian parks the car.

Markus hugs Nicky. They stand together at The Zocalo and walk to the flagpole. Kian walks by himself and leans against a building. Nicky gazes at the sidewalk as he walks.

They sing by the Ciudad Satélite.  Hands folded in their laps, they sit on chairs inside a building. They continue to sing on top of a tower.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kian tells Brian, Nicky and Shane to call out if they spot Markus anywhere in the Plaza. Brian scans the crowd and points at one of the buildings. He says Markus mentioned something about it. Nicky flips through a map and says they are in the correct area. Shane says he hasn’t seen him in the crowd.

Markus was grateful for the time in Mexico. He had a few drinks and cried for a few hours in his hotel room. However, he needed his friends to rid of him of the horrible experience of visiting the country with his now former girlfriend. Nicky says he sees him. Kian parks the car and asks him how he’s doing. Markus says he’s been better and says he wants to go home. Brian pats him on his shoulder and says they still have until 9 p.m. He says they are going on top of the tower.

Brian leans against the railing and takes pictures. Markus says she told him she never loved him. He says was gullible and just let her in again. Brian tells him at least he took a chance. He says he believed her, too and would’ve done the same thing. Markus says he wants to pack his things at the hotel and Brian calls out to Nicky, Kian and Shane and waits for them at the elevator.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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