Video Review: CJ “Whoopty”

A shirtless CJ holds the leash of his pitbull as he leans against a sportscar. A red sportscar parks next to him. He talks with some of his friends in the front of a building. He and his friends dance in the parking lot. The signs on the expressway can be seen.

CJ sits in the car while his friends dance by him. He and his friends dance by the basketball court. CJ drives off in the car. A friend of his looks at his phone while in the parking lot. CJ stands between two young women at the basketball court. A second friend of his sits within the net on the court.

Rating: 2/5

CJ drives his sportscar to pick up his friend from work. He waves to his friend as he walks out of the building. His friends’ coworkers approach the car. They say they saw him online and shake his hand. CJ thanks them for their support. They ask him to make an album and take some pictures with him.

His friend apologizes and says they recognized him as he gets in the car. CJ says it’s really cool and explains he has to be careful what he posts online now. His friend says there’s a pick-up game at the court tomorrow if he has time. CJ says he can hang out.

Two young women wave to CJ. CJ walks over to talk to them. They say it’s weird they went to school with someone who’s famous. CJ grins and says he’s just like everybody else. One of the young woman shakes her head and tells he stood out in high school. The second young woman says all the girls had a crush on him. He leans in and asks them, “who?” They blush. One of his friend shouts, “hey, let’s play another game.” CJ says they can talk later and dribbles the ball. He sinks a three-pointer in the net.

Directors: Alex Demic & Tristan Demic Year: 2020

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