Video Review: Lina Santiago “Just Because I Love You”

Sunflowers grow on the grass in a bedroom. A book sits open on the bed. Wearing a polka-dotted navy blue dress, Lina Santiago lies on the bed. A young man stares at her through the window. She sways in front of the bed.

The young man sits on the bed. A butterfly sits on his hand. Closing his eyes, he spreads out his hands. He stands off to the side of the bed and thinks. Back on the bed, she reads the book. At the the front of the bed, she continues to stand. As she twirls her hair, the butterfly lies in her palm.

She holds a sunflower as she walks by the bed. From the window, the young man watches as she takes the top of her dress off. He sees her bra. She plucks petals off the sunflower as she continues to walk. He walks up behind her and brushes her hair off her shoulder. She grins as he kisses her neck.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lina Santiago hugs her favorite stuffed animal and puts it in the closet. She vacuums her bedroom and dusts off the dresser. Hands her hips, she does a once-over. In the mirror, she sees some of her lipstick has faded. She finds the tube and does a touch-up.

The young man gives her a hug and a kiss as he walks inside her home. He asks her if her parents are really gone for the weekend. She says she just talked to them. They are in another state, stuck in traffic. He says he’s so happy to be alone with her. She says she got the hamburger out for dinner. He gets the plates from the cabinet and opens some cans of vegetables.

They kiss in her bed. She says she loves him. He says he loves her, too. She covers herself with a sheet and gets her robe. He tells her she has a great body. She kisses him and gets her nightgown. He says she can take a shower in the morning. She says she’ll be ten minutes. As she climbs back into bed, he whispers she smells good and kisses her shoulder. She says they should get some sleep. He continues to kiss her back. She turns to him and kisses him.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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