Video Review: Billy Idol “Hot In The City ’87”

Billy Idol rides his motorcycle at night in the city. He dances by the window in his apartment building. As he takes off his jacket, three young women walk by the fist sculpture in the family room.  He stands by the punching bag.

As he punches his hand through the wall, a neon pink light shines through into his apartment. He watches a twentysomething young woman jump on the floor. A twentysomething man pulls her towards him as he sits in the bathtub. She rolls on the floor and he picks her up. The twentysomething woman crawls on the floor with two others.

He plays his guitar by the window. Five twentysomething women dance on a platform with a neon American flag lit up behind him. A young man plays the piano in the corner. One of the young women pulls a chain. A second young woman (Perri Lister) lies on a cross as it raises up from the floor.

Rating: 3.5/5

Billy Idol hits his punching bag in his apartment. A young woman screams in the apartment next to him. Something bad had to be going on and he wanted in on it. He breaks the wall with his hand. The twentysomething woman winks at him. The twentysomething man says he didn’t give her permission. He takes the chain from her and says he’s her new master.

She asks him for permission to kiss him and promises to do whatever he says. He holds onto her wrist and tells her they are going to his apartment. The twentysomething man says he can’t have her. She won’t be released from his care. He smacks the twentysomething man on his head and walks out with her. She says she has to do one more thing.

The other twentysomething women dance as the man sits chained to the bathtub. They taunt him as they move by him. A second young woman declares herself God as she’s chained to a cross. She asks the young man to confess his sins. He says he has none. She holds his head and tells him he does not ever talk to her that way. He says he’ll think of something. Idol and all the young women drop to their knees and offer themselves to her. She gestures for them to get up.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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