Video Review: Leona Lewis “One More Sleep”

Snow falls as Leona Lewis drives home. She places bulbs on the tree and listens to music on the turntable. On the fireplace, she hangs a stocking. She sits on the floor and wraps presents.

As she hangs a wreath on the front door, she sees her friends walking up the driveway. She hugs them on the porch. In the family room, they talk and drink by the tree. A friend of hers films them as they make cookies in the kitchen. A second friend blows a kiss to the camera. From the window, she watches her friends have a snowball fight.

During dinner, she and her friends raise their glasses. She turns her head and a twentysomething man walks through the door. He hugs Lewis. She dabs his chin with a napkin and wears a paper crown on her head. They cheer as Santa Claus walks down the stairs. While Santa dances, his beard falls off. The first friend , in the Santa costume, laughs. They exchange presents by the tree. A third friend receives a sweater.

Lewis tosses a snowball on her front lawn. Her friends run by her. The young man whispers in her ear. He flicks some flour towards the fourth friend. The fourth friend covers her face and throws some flour at him. They pull at the ribbon and play a game of Limbo. Lewis moves under the ribbon. They dance in the family room.

Rating: 5/5

Leona Lewis smiles at the young man and holds his hand. He leans into her as they watch fifth friend get down on one knee. Her sixth friend answers “yes” and everyone claps. She puts on the ring. Lewis says he picked her favorite one. The young man says he’ll get some drinks. Her sixth friend says, “you knew?” Lewis says he mentioned it about three months ago. A friend says he was nervous just watching it.

Lewis changes the Christmas record and says it’s time to Limbo. She says the 3-year defending champ starts the game. The fourth friend bends down and says she may win the title after all. Several friends play and fall. Lewis crouches on the floor and lands on her hands. She says she was “so close.” The third friend clears the ribbon and wins. The young man hands him the trophy and says he has bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Lewis and the young man pack up leftovers in the kitchen. Lewis notes that the second friend requested extra ham to take home. She divides up the cookies and they mark the leftovers with their friends’ names. The young man says one day their children will be in the family room. She smiles and puts her finger to her lips. He kisses her and says the doctor said it’s all right. Lewis touches her stomach and says it doesn’t feel real yet. He hugs her and puts her hand on her stomach.

Director: N/A Year: 2013

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